Becich's Perenial Farm

Becich's Perennial Farm and Landscape Nursery
3295 South U.S. 35
Knox, Indiana 46534

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Becich's Perennial Farm

Recently, Mike and I went with my parents to visit the most amazing nursery. Becich's Perennial Farm & Landscape Nursery is home to hundreds (thousands?) of varieties of hostas. We have quite a few different hostas around our yard, and Mike has been slowly consolidating them into one shady hosta garden outside our living-room window (eventually the plan is to add a winding path and maybe a bench), but the hostas at Becich's were just incredible. Rows upon rows of potted hostas, and that was just the start.

Becich's Perennial Farm Becich's Perennial Farm

Becich's has all the normal nursery-type setups, the greenhouses and displays you would expect, but it also has something wonderful: a three-acre woods with plants on display, growing in their optimal natural conditions. We spent plenty of time just wandering around, looking at the different varieties along the path. We probably would have spent more time, but the mosquitoes were killer. Which brings me to my next point about this place: personalized service. We not only got a very detailed lesson on hostas and a tour from owner and horticulturist Tim Becich, but he also gave us a can of bug spray to take with us so we could browse the hostas in peace. It's really a place like no other I've been to, so if you're ever in our area, and you want to pick up some great plants, try Becich's in Knox. We ended up with five new varieties of hostas: Curlew, Rusty Bee, Maraschino Cherry, Lakeside Neat Petite, and my personal favorite, Elvis Lives.

Becich's Perennial Farm

Becich's Perennial Farm located on Highway 35 South of Knox.

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